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Hector Zamorano Obituary, Hiker found dead after missing in New Jersey woods

Hector Zamorano Death, Obituary – Local news outlets have been informed by the authorities that the body of a man who had been missing in the woods of New Jersey for nearly a week has been found. The man was last seen in New Jersey. The missing person report stated that the man, who was 41 years old, was last seen in the woods of New Jersey. Reportedly on the morning of November 13, Hector Zamorano, a resident of Mahwah, went out for a walk and found his way into the Ramapo Valley Reservation while on his excursion.

According to The Bergen Record, this is the case. This content was provided by The Bergen Record, which may be located online for your convenience. According to the Record, Zamorano’s wife told investigators that her husband frequently visited the 4,000-acre park and hiked the wooded trails on his own without encountering any problems. She said that her husband did not feel unsafe while doing so. She stated that her spouse did not perceive the surrounding neighborhood to be dangerous.

The footage from the surveillance system indicated that he went to the reserve after leaving his house without his phone and without stating where he was going prior to leaving the house. In addition to this, he did not tell anyone where he was headed on his voyage. The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office reported to that crews searched for Zamorano on land, in the air, and on the water; however, it was ultimately another hiker who discovered him on Saturday, November 19; he had been missing since Wednesday, November 15.

Zamorano had been missing since Wednesday, November 15. According to the information presented in the article, Zamorano’s body was found off of the trail approximately forty minutes after the author had walked into the nature preserve. According to the reports that were published in The Daily Voice, the investigators were unable to find any evidence of any kind of criminal activity.

According to the article, Zamorano, his wife, and their son, who is now nine years old, relocated from Chile to the United States a year ago. Zamorano is currently teaching in the United States. Newark is approximately 30 miles to the north of Mahwah, which is located in the most north-eastern part of the state of New Jersey. Newark is the state capital and largest city in New Jersey.