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John Goggin Maine Obituary, former Piscataquis County Sheriff has died

John Goggin Obituary, Death – It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to the former Sheriff John Goggin, our boss, our mentor, and our friend. John devoted 45 years of his life to helping the people of Piscataquis County. As a police officer, he was highly competent; as an investigator, he excelled; and as a person, he captured the hearts of countless citizens. John never understood the point in attending seminars and implementing initiatives aimed to improve relations between police and the public during the time when Community Policing was all the rage.

This was the time period in which political officials actively sought out opportunities to improve relations between the police and the general public by attending seminars and implementing new programs. It was his personal philosophy, and he encouraged his troops to adopt it as their own. These are the people we know and love in our community. It’s not simply a place of employment; it’s also where we build our lives, nurture our families, and do all we can to support and protect the places we call home. I learned a lot from John, and he was an excellent instructor. When you’re the sheriff, you don’t have to spend as much time on criminal pursuits.

Instead, time is spent on administrative tasks such as attending meetings and reviewing related paperwork, as well as on more substantive matters including personnel issues, policy debates, and budget planning. John, however, found his true calling in the role of a police officer. His excitement was palpable when he began working on a high-profile case. He constantly reminded us that, while we may view these incidents as “cases,” for the victims, they represent turning points in their life, and we should do everything in our power to assist them.

He demonstrated to us that there is more to law enforcement than just making arrests. Part of my job description included problem-solving, conflict resolution, and looking out for the most vulnerable and underprivileged members of society. Not once did he approve of his position being used for partisan gain, and he never offered to influence the results of an inquiry in exchange for personal gain. He’d back your actions if you were in a good legal position and could explain why they were necessary.┬áThe Sheriff oversees the jail and is involved in both civil and criminal proceedings.

People’s lives are at stake, he said, so we should proceed cautiously when interacting with anyone, from 911 operators to inmates to random passers-by. While serving as sheriff, he maintained the philosophy of his predecessor, Frank Murch, who believed that all inmates should be treated with the respect and dignity that comes with being human. I saw a change in him during his final years in the industry. He focused less on specific instances and events, politics, and persons. A deeper dive into the family, more specifically his. stories about the time they spent together, the places they went, and the things they did. He longed to sleep in his own bed again. We appreciate all the time he has spent with us. We send our sincerest sympathies to his loved ones. His influence will last for some time.