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Lowell Lagenour Obituary, Learn More About Lowell Lagenour Death

Lowell Lagenour Death, Obituary – Lowell A. Lagenour, who lived in Koleen and had reached the age of eighty when he passed away, did so within the confines of his home on November 9, 2022. He was eighty years old at the time of his passing. He had lived there for the last eight decades. Wednesday was the day when he passed away and never returned to this earth. He was no longer among us. Martin County, Indiana was the location of his birth on May 27th, 1942, and he made his entrance into the world there.

William Albert Lagenour and Anna Lorene (Howerton) Lagenour were there to greet and celebrate the arrival of their first child with the rest of their family as they brought their new bundle of joy into the world. When he was born, his mother gave him the family name Howerton, and he ultimately decided to carry it on in his own right despite the fact that she had already given it to him. The majority of Lowell’s career was spent at Crane, where he worked as an Electronic Technician and an Inspector for the most of his employment there.

Lowell’s time at Crane accounted for the majority of his earnings. Crane was the primary focus of Lowell’s professional efforts for the majority of his working life. In the end, he came to the conclusion that it was best for him to hang up his hat and retire. Oscar and Thelma Helton, his actual parents, as well as Delmar and Betty Thompson, his stepparents, as well as three of his sisters and one of his brothers, all went away before he did. He was the only survivor of his immediate family.

Also, one of his brothers outlived him during his lifetime. In addition to being his biological parents, his biological parents also took on the role of stepparents for him. His stepmother and stepfather, whose names were Delmar and Betty Thompson, were also his biological mother and father. His original mother and father were a pair. Information Pertaining to the Publication of the Death Announcement as well as the Funeral Services. The funeral services will begin at 2:00 in the afternoon on Sunday, September 4, and will take place at the Owensburg Cemetery in Owensburg.

The services will be held in honor of the deceased. Owensburg, which is the name of the town, is where the burial grounds for those who have passed away may be found. On Saturday, September 3, the Elmwood Chapel of the Day & Carter Mortuary will be open from 2:00 pm until 8:00 pm for visitation. The funeral home is in charge of the arrangements. In honor of the person who has passed away, funeral and memorial services are going to be held in the coming days. Specific information regarding the acknowledgment and management of financial contributions is included here.