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Marquise Buckner Louisiana Obituary, Marquise Buckner has Died

Marquise Buckner Louisiana Obituary – On November 7th, Marquise, who was greatly loved by our family and friends, ended his life in a horrible way by taking his own life. This was a tragic way for his life to come to an end. Marquise was a wonderful brother, son, family member, and friend, and he left a big mark on the lives of those who had the good fortune to cross paths with him. Those who had the opportunity to know Marquise was forever changed. Those who were fortunate enough to have spent some time with him will never be able to forget him. The only members of his immediate family to have survived his death were his sister Essence Buckner, his brother Mark Buckner II, his parents Latoya and Mark Buckner I, and his grandparents Alfred Johnson, Linda Johnson, and Patricia Buckner. Essence Buckner also survived, along with his brother Mark Buckner II.

After he passes away, his family is the one who will be responsible for carrying on his legacy. At this time in her studies, Marquise was in the final year of her program to earn a degree in engineering from Southern University and A&M College, where she had been attending for the past three years. His preferred instrument was the trombone, and the band he played in was called The Human Jukebox (Crab Class of 2019). Marquise was a young guy of few words, but he never failed to fill the room with love and laughter. This was despite the fact that he rarely spoke. This was in spite of the fact that he did not engage in many conversations.

When he had completed his high school education in the state of Texas, he intended to uproot his life and move to the city of Houston. Because of Marquise’s passing, none of us are able to find solace, and none of us was prepared to bury a loved one or pay the fees that are associated with doing so. As a result, we are all inconsolable. The news of her departure has left all of us in utter disbelief. A memorial ceremony is something we would like to hold in Marquise’s honor so that we may show him the respect that he so richly deserves. This will make it possible for us to remember him, celebrate his life, and ultimately say our final goodbyes.

At this time, we are looking for financial support in the form of donations to help us meet the costs associated with the funeral of Marquise. If you are able to help us out, please contact us.
This is the location where you may find the URL for the page for the fundraiser: During this challenging time, our family would be grateful for any amount of aid that may be provided. We understand that this may not be possible.