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Mike Horton Lowa Obituary, Mike Horton has passed away – Death

Mike Horton Lowa  Death, Obituary – On Friday, late in the afternoon, we said our final goodbyes to a fantastic guy who was a devoted father, father-in-law, Papa Golf, Great Grandpa, educator, and friend. He will be greatly missed. After being apart for ten years, he has been reunited with the lady who was the love of his life, and although our hearts are broken, we find solace in the fact that he is finally able to be with her again. Because you could never see one of them without the other if you knew them, I thought it was only fitting to present a picture of the two of them together in the same frame because it was impossible to view one of them without the other.

I hope you two have a wonderful time spending eternity together, Mike and Duckie. I am thankful for the loving support and insightful instruction that you have given me. The following is information about services for Mike, which I’m sure the majority of you already know, but just in case you were curious about it, here it is. Going will experience a significant amount of sadness upon learning of his passing. What a wonderful role model he was for his own children, the students he taught, and the people in the community whom he assisted! Mike adored kids, period. He served as their shoulder and support, as well as their advocate and, on occasion, their judge.

He was also their supporter and advocate (since there was a lesson to be learned from it). When you achieved any kind of success, he was entirely happy and joyful for you and joined in your sense of accomplishment. Because he was concerned about you, you felt the same way about him and the aspirations he had for you. He was quite concerned about both of those issues. There is no denying that there was responsibility; nevertheless, oh, did he ever push you to keep going! There is no doubt that there was accountability. We pay respect to Mike by honoring him in this way, my dear friends.

Take the initiative to lead and be the positive example that the young people in this community need from us, and do it by taking the initiative to lead. Despite the fact that you hold them accountable for their behavior, you continue to love them no matter what. I’m planning to make some improvements…