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Raquel Perez Obituary, Raquel Perez has died – Death

Raquel Perez Death, Obituary – Raquel Perez, an employee of KCSOS who worked for us as a School Bus Driver, unexpectedly passed away not too long ago, and we want you to know how sad we are about this. We are terribly sorry to notify you of this, and we want you to know how sorry we are about this. The loss of Raquel has left a major vacuum not only within her family, but also among her coworkers at KCSOS and the plethora of other close friends and acquaintances she had throughout the course of her life.

Raquel began her career with our organization as a Transportation Aide in September of the year 2004, and she has been here ever since. Within our company, she was given a promotion to the position of School Bus Driver in the year 2017. An easygoing person who was held in great esteem by her coworkers for her excellent capacity to create meaningful connections with others. Her coworkers admired her for her ability to connect with others on a deeper level.

She had the exceptional talent of being able to sense when another person was feeling down, and she would make herself available to those who required someone to listen to them and offer them consolation when they were in need of such assistance. She had the ability to sense when another person was feeling down because she possessed the exceptional talent of being able to sense when another person was feeling down. She was the kind of person who was always willing to go the additional mile to help other people out.

Her capacity to connect with others extended to include anybody who had the good fortune to meet her, and this included the students whose transportation she was responsible for providing. Her ability to connect with others embraced everyone who had the good fortune to come into contact with her. She treated the students and their parents in the highest regard, and they did the same for her. She was held in the same esteem by them in return.

Raquel repeatedly remarked that she never once got the sensation that what she was doing counted as work because she was having so much fun with it. She attributed her lack of this perception to the fact that she was having such a good time with it. She explained this away by saying that she was always extremely absorbed in whatever it was that she was doing. Rachel showered each of her five children with love and care, and she never stopped gushing about how incredible they were.

She filled her spare time with activities that she enjoyed, such as crocheting and visiting casinos, both of which she did in her spare time. The bond she shared with her loved ones served as the key focal point of her existence. In this trying time, it would be tremendously helpful if you could keep Raquel’s family and friends in your thoughts and prayers. Please keep them in your prayers and keep them in your thoughts. Your assistance is vitally needed and sincerely appreciated.