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Roach Obituary, Learn more about Roach Death

Roach  Death, Obituary – Freida Marie Finn Roach, who had been a resident of Vinton, Texas, passed away on November 4, 2018, at the MD Anderson Hospital in Houston. Houston is located in the same state as Vinton, so Freida Marie Finn Roach’s death was not unexpected. She had already reached the age of 73 when she departed, so her departure coincided with her reaching that milestone age. When she was going through the most difficult times of her life, the people who cared the most about her were there for her so that they could lend her support and comfort her. 1945 was the year that Freida was born to the world, and she did so in the community of Ged, which is situated within the borders of the state of Louisiana.

The 12th of January is her birthday, and she entered this world on that very same day. She worked in the insurance department of West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital for the entirety of her employment, which covered a total of 15 years, and she worked there the whole time she was working there. She worked in that department the whole time she was employed there. She was able to successfully manage both the Santa’s Sleigh program as well as the Christmas in April program as a result of the fact that she was promoted to the position of president of the staff council while she was still working there.

Her promotion allowed her to take on this additional responsibility. As a result of the position that she held, she was in a position of authority and could do as she pleased. In addition to this, she holds the distinction of being the very first recipient of the Frank Gayle Award, which she presented within the year 1991. This honor was bestowed upon her. A token of our admiration and gratitude was bestowed on her in the shape of this award. In addition to that, Freida has accumulated a substantial amount of expertise working in the medical field throughout the course of her career.

Their sons Tommy Sandifer of Vinton and Mike Sandifer and wife Karen of Sulphur; their daughter Elaine Terry and husband Mark of Orange, Texas; their sister Carolyn Sue Shull and husband Darryll of Vinton; their brothers A.D. Finn and his wife Ellen of Fairfield, California and Phillip Finn and Ellen Carlile of Moss Bluff; two sisters-in-law; and two brothers- Her brother Billy Sandifer of Vinton; their sons Tommy Sandifer of Vinton and Mike Sand Not only had she left this world, but her sister-in-law Margaret Finn had also been removed from it before she could leave on her own. Neither of them had the opportunity to say goodbye to this world.