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Stephen Carroll Obituary, Man injured in Cass County car crash

Stephen Carroll  Death, Obituary – According to the Cass County Sheriff’s Office, a man was injured in a collision that involved two automobiles, and he was taken to the hospital to receive medical treatment for his wounds. The collision involved both of the vehicles being driven by different people. It took occurred at 4:59 in the afternoon on the 19th of November, which was a Saturday, and it took place on M-60.

Alek Reports indicate that James Dahlgren, 18, a resident of Cassopolis, was shot and killed when he was traveling westbound on M-60 at the time of the event. The incident took occurred. Dalgren eventually lost control of his vehicle and went off the road, but he was able to avoid colliding with the other vehicle that had come to a stop in the middle of the roadway after swerving to avoid colliding with it. The other vehicle had come to a stop in the middle of the roadway. After that, Dahlgren’s vehicle was involved in a collision with another vehicle that had already entered the ditch and was unable to continue ahead due to the snow. The collision occurred after Dahlgren’s vehicle had already entered the ditch. After Dahlgren’s vehicle had already gone into the ditch, there was a collision between the two vehicles. When the other vehicle collided with the vehicle that was stuck in the snow, the passenger of the vehicle that was stuck in the snow had already exited the vehicle before the collision occurred and was attempting to free the vehicle from the snow when the other vehicle collided with it. The crash resulted in the death of the passenger. Stephen Carroll, 73 years old, from Lawton, Michigan, was unable to be liberated until emergency personnel came on the scene and were able to move the vehicles so that he could be freed. Stephen was unable to be freed until emergency personnel arrived on the site. Before the arrival of the rescue crew, Stephen could not be extracted from the predicament he was in. It was not feasible to free him from his position before to the arrival of the people who worked for the rescue operation. Carroll was transported to Three Rivers Hospital, and once there, he was treated for the wounds that he had sustained while being transported there. However, as part of their investigation, the deputies who are looking into the incident are taking into consideration the condition of the road. They believe that drugs and alcohol did not play a role in the collision; however, they are taking into consideration the condition of the road.