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Troy Koehler Obituary, 7-year-old missing, later found dead inside washing machine.

Troy Koehler Death, Obituary – In Harris County, the parents of a boy who had been reported missing have been arrested and charged in connection with their son’s death. The boy had been reported missing earlier. In Harris County, it was reported that the boy had gone missing. The dead body of Troy Koehler, who was only seven years old at the time, was discovered inside of a washing machine after it had been reported that he had gone missing.

In connection with this incident, criminal charges have been brought against both Jemaine Thomas, age 42, and Tiffany Thomas, age 35. Both Jemaine and Tiffany were taken into custody after the arrest of Jemaine. Jemaine is charged with murder in the first degree, whereas Tiffany is charged with endangering the welfare of a child through omission. They are both candidates for execution at this point. According to the documents that were presented to the court,

Jemaine and Tiffany stated that they had told the deputies who spoke with them that they hadn’t seen Troy since the night before they contacted the authorities about the situation. The documents state that they told the deputies that they had told the court that they had told the deputies who spoke with them that they had told them that they had told the In the course of the investigation that was conducted by the sheriff’s office, which lasted for an hour and covered the area immediately surrounding the residence as well as the property itself.

Canine and unmanned aerial vehicle resources were utilized as helpful tools. After returning to the residence to carry out another search there, the deputies began a fresh search of the interior of the home at approximately 7:10 in the morning. At that time, a deputy who was checking the area of the garage and the utility room reported that he peeked through the lid of the top-loading washing machine and spotted Troy’s body in the bottom of the wash tub.

The deputy was examining the area of the home’s garage and utility room. The deputy was looking through the contents of the garage and the utility room when he found something suspicious. The documents indicate that the discovery was made during this particular time frame. The deputy stated that he screamed out to other deputies and tried to see if little Troy was still breathing as he was attempting to determine whether or not he was still alive. The deputy said that he tried to determine whether or not little Troy was still alive.

According to the deputy, he conducted an investigation to determine whether or not young Troy was still alive. During this time, according to the documents that have been filed in the case, Jemaine moved the deputy out of the way and then reached into the washing machine, where he removed the child from inside the machine. This information was gleaned from the documents that have been submitted.